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    Feature: Jo Low Impact on moneyless, low impact living in northern NSW, Australia

    I read about Jo Nemeth in an article online. I was absolutely amazed by her efforts to live a low impact life and in fact, utterly jealous. Jo lives without money in a tiny house in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I was thrilled when I reached out and she agreed to let me feature her! Read the interview below and be inspired just as I was by Jo’s way of life. You can read more about it on her blog here. Feature Interview: Jo Low Impact You have been living without money since 2015, what was the initial reason for this change? I made the decision to try living…

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    Find out how to reduce your waste this Christmas with this comprehensive guide!

    Christmas is a lovely time of year. We get holidays, get to spend time with friends and family and get to eat delicious food. But unfortunately a bunch of us also get stressed. From buying presents to decorating the house, cooking food and then cleaning it all up after, there is a lot going on. All of this takes up precious time we should be spending with our loved ones and in the mean time, produces huge amounts of waste. Let’s look at the waste produced in the UK from Christmas alone in 2006: More than a billion Christmas cards (17 for every man, woman and child) delivered. That’s enough…

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    How is Australia combating a 170% increase in waste?

    In 2014-15 Australia produced the equivalent of 565 kg per capita of municipal waste (Department of Environment and Energy, 2016). From 1996 to 2015 Australia’s population rose by 28%. Waste generation increased by 170% at a compound growth rate of 7.8% (MRA Consulting, 2016). How is Australia combating this growth? Recycling In 2014-15 Australia produced about 64 million tonnes of waste. Almost 60% of this was recycled (Department of Environment and Energy, 2016). Recycling rates are increasing which is fabulous! However, there are still multiple challenges. For example, almost one third of all recyclable items are placed in the garbage bin and end up in landfill (MRA Consulting, 2016).  Distance Recycling isn’t…

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    Zero waste DIY bi-carb toothpaste & my oral hygiene routine

    Alright, this sounds whack, you wanna brush your teeth with what now? Yep, bi-carb, lets take a look at the recipe and then we can chat about it. Zero Waste DIY Bi-Carb Toothpaste What you’ll need a cleaned out glass jar 6 TBS coconut oil (melted) 3 TBS baking soda Organic peppermint essential oil to your liking (I use about 50-60 drops) Instructions  Mix coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil together in your jar and voila! Store in your bathroom Note: You can halve or double this recipe. I double it and make a large batch so I don’t have to make it so frequently. More important note:…