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Ditch the bin bags! Use newspaper instead.

Bin bags are kinda unnecessary when you think about it. I used to use my plastic bags from the supermarket but when you don’t use plastic bags anymore you don’t have anything to line your bin, and to be honest you really don’t need them.

How to have a bag free bin:

  1. Go the naked route – no bin bag at all
  2. Use the newspapers they keep leaving at your front door!

Personally I go with option 2. To take it out I just take the whole bin outside and empty it directly into the garbage gin (you would do this if you went with option one).  Don’t worry about wet items as most of your wet rubbish will probably go in the compost anyway! If you do have wet stuff just give your bin a wash out after, this will keep it from smelling anyways so it’s a double bonus. 

How to use newspaper as a bin liner

  1. Get one piece of newspaper and fold it in half and place it in the bottom of the bin.bin with newspaper in it
  2. Get on piece of newspaper and place it vertically down one side of your bin, folding a bit of the top around the rim as shown below. If you have a small bin you can put the paper in horizontally so it covers two sides.bin with newspaper in itbin with newspaper in it
  3. Repeat step three with the remaining three sides (or two sides if you have a smaller bin). bin with newspaper in it instead of a bin bag
  4. When you put the bin back in the holder, make sure the folded sides are under the rim, this will ensure the paper stays put!
  5. Viola! To empty take the whole bin outside and empty into the garbage can. 

Note, I am a lazy zero waster and will take the easiest route possible to do anything. If you are more of a perfectionist (I wish I was), you can also try your hand at some origami and make a bin liner like shown in the video below! 

A whole bunch of our trash is made in the kitchen. Reduce your waste by composting and minimising your grocery list.


  • Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    Bonjour from France. I have actually gone the naked route which is all we did when I was a child so it has not been a difficult step. HOWEVER when I empty the contents of my bins into the the main bin for collection I have to use a bin bag as our bin lorries in France do not have the flip mechanism and the bin men simply grab the bags from the bin and won’t collect loose rubbish. BUT I buy animal feed and some of that comes in plastic bags so I use them as bin bags. I may not be able to go totally plastic free but at least the feed bags gets a second use.


    Salut! That’s great to hear! I’ve heard that can be an issue in many countries but at least you are recycling the plastic bags so that’s even better! Good on you, that’s a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

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