Agriculture and Sustainability

Food Miles

Food miles refer to how far food has traveled to get to your plate and the carbon dioxide emitted in this travel.

The average Australian shopping basket has traveled a distance of 70,000km – equal to 2x the Earth’s circumference!

The easiest way to reduce your food miles is by buying food that is unprocessed, local and in season. If you buy food that is out of season, chances are it has traveled a long way to get to you.

There are criticisms of the food miles campaign and some of which I agree e.g yes, the world needs trade. However, no, I don’t think prawns farmed in QLD should be shipped to Singapore for processing and packaging and then shipped back to Australia to be sold with a label that says ‘Product of Australia’. Luckily, the federal government is changing labelling laws so labels will be clearer on where the food was grown and packed!

Anyways, main point is – eat local, seasonal & unprocessed food – the Earth, your pocket and your health will all be winners!!!

Want to reduce your shopping baskets environmental impact?

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