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Never worry about what to cook again with this customisable meal plan!

This template will help you:

  • Plan four weeks of meals
  • Create a grocery list for each week
  • Shop faster with a list that is organised into aisles and ingredient categories
  • Use Google Sheets so your list is in one place and can be edited and accessed on your phone or computer easily!

I love this template for so many reasons…

  • I can plan meals that are nutritionally balanced and use package free ingredients that are in season
  • It is super easy to swap meals with new recipes if I want to change the plan
  • I save time not having to think about what I want to make each week
  • I can do my actual shopping much faster
  • I can cook meals faster as I get to know the recipes off by heart
  • I save money by not making impulse purchases
  • I still get to buy new vegetables and fruits if I like by simply swapping an ingredient for another!

How to use this template

  1. Grab a copy of my “Standerdised Meal System” grocery list template here!
  2. Decide what meals you would like to make for each of the four weeks.
    • You can make as many as you like, this might depend on your situation. I am single so I am happy making only one or two meals and eating them all week along with a smoothie for breakfast. If you are cooking for a whole family you might want to make a few different meals for lunch and dinner.
    • I like to choose meals that have a range of ingredients that are in season and can be easily found package free or in bulk.
    • Write the name of the meals you would like to make under the heading for each week in the Meal Plan tab! I like to hyperlink the names of the meals to the recipes so I can find them easily.
  3. Add all the ingredients you need for each week into the spreadsheet.
    • Ingredients for meals in Week 1 go in the Wk 1 tab, meals for Week 2 in the Wk 2 tab and so on.
    • Under the column with the black # write the number of each item you need.
  4. Do your shopping!
    • Before you do your shopping for the week, look through your fridge and cupboard and see what you already have.
    • If you don’t need something or the same amount as you have written in the black # column, write the new number of items you need in the blue # column
  5. Cook!
    • Look at the Meal Plan tab and see what you need to make for that week.
    • Open up the recipe for each meal by clicking its name if you have added hyperlinks
    • Ready, set, cook!

Change the meals in your plan as often as you like especially with the change of season! Just remember to change your list so you are buying the correct ingredients.

Grab a copy of my “Standerdised Meal System” grocery list template here!

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