You could be fresher – How to clean the air in your home naturally (with plants!)

Who doesn’t love having plants around the house? My bedroom would be 90% plants if I could afford to buy them all at once! Having indoor plants are beneficial to the eye and your health!

Air indoor is on average 2-5 times more polluted than outdoors and Westerners are now spending 90% of their time indoors!

A study by NASA concluded that certain plants can effectively remove various airborne chemicals like formaldehyde and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Many of these chemicals have been linked to various health issues like asthma. See which plants NASA listed as the most effective in removing these particles from the air in the infograohic below. 

Though there is debate on the topic. Though plants seem to be effective in removing VOC’s, there is little research to back up their ability to improve air quality. Due to the poor little plants lack of large leaf area they also have a limited ability to clear the air. 

Personally, I don’t care if it’s not proven, plants are nice and they most definitely improve your mental health. Nature therapy (shinrin-yoku), first invented in Japan, has proven beneficial for our health by lowering blood pressure and boosting mental health. This is done by simply going for a mindful walk in the forest.

Having clean air isn’t enough for you? Make it smell great as well by making this essential oil spray.

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