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Is your wardrobe sustainable?

The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and the largest employer of slave and child labour.

Here are some facts and tips to ensure you make sustainable choices!


Conventional cotton is awful for land and farmers as it uses bucket loads of pesticides on genetically modified (GM) crops. The average 100% cotton product contains only 73% cotton, the remaining 27% is made from chemicals, resins and binders.


Polyester is made from non-renewable oil and uses a ridiculous amount of water and energy when turned into a fibre. It is non-biodegradable and when washed, micro particles are washed into our waterways and oceans!


Bamboo is a sustainable plant though the process of turning it into fibre uses caustic soda and sulfuric acid which is toxic to people and the planet!


The best options are 100% linen, hemp or organic cotton.


What is the true cost of fashion? Find out by watching this documentary or reading this feature article on Cedar Organics!

Source & Image: Cedar Purchase of Cedar Organics

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