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    What are the personal and environmental benefits of a zero waste lifestyle?

    What are the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle? Read on to find out what personal benefits you might be missing out on and the positive environmental changes you could be making! You have probably heard of the zero waste movement by now and are wondering what the benefits of a zero-waste lifestyle might be. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t stress! You can read my complete guide to zero waste living and learn all about it. A zero waste lifestyle can have enormous benefits to the environment as well as you personally! I choose a zero waste lifestyle for multiple reasons. They can be broken…

  • Agriculture and Sustainability

    Five reasons why livestock production isn’t sustainable

    Australian’s eat the most meat out of all the OECD countries eating 93kg per capita each year (OECD, FAO, 2014). That’s nearly 100kg a year and 250g a day per person. The federal government recommends you eat 65-195g of meat a day. We are eating too much, and it’s simply not sustainable. Why?  1. Climate Change This is scary stuff. Climate change is bad, and it’s happening. August 2017 was the second warmest year on record for the last 137 years (NASA, 2017). Already island nations like Tuvalu are quite literally going underwater. Climatologists have predicted multiple situations for the future based on various scenario’s. The best scenario will happen…