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    Zero waste DIY bi-carb toothpaste & my oral hygiene routine

    Alright, this sounds whack, you wanna brush your teeth with what now? Yep, bi-carb, lets take a look at the recipe and then we can chat about it. Zero Waste DIY Bi-Carb Toothpaste What you’ll need a cleaned out glass jar 6 TBS coconut oil (melted) 3 TBS baking soda Organic peppermint essential oil to your liking (I use about 50-60 drops) Instructions  Mix coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil together in your jar and voila! Store in your bathroom Note: You can halve or double this recipe. I double it and make a large batch so I don’t have to make it so frequently. More important note:…

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    DIY Essential Oil Sleep Well Pillow Spray

    I love this pillow spray.  Use a second hand or recycled spray bottle to make it zero waste. You can adapt it to your liking, using one or a mix of various oils. Mine is a mix of patchoulli, lavendar, ylang ylang and bergamont. Other relaxing oils include sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense and marjoram.   It is so easy and will take you one minute to make. I love spraying mine before sleep, it helps me wind down and signals my mind that it’s time for rest. I have really been working on making my bedroom more peaceful lately. I used to have a TV in my room and heaps of furniture.…