• Vegan cheese sauce

    Six Vegan Sauces You NEED in Your Life (GF, DF, Zero waste)

    People always ask me if it is hard to be vegan? I always reply that it is easy! But when I think about it, It wouldn’t be easy if I didn’t have these sauces in my life. I am not one to compromise health for flavour. I LOVE favoursome, creamy sauces and when they’re healthy, well what else could you ask for. Transitioning to a plant based life style for me was all about finding good swaps for foods that I used to love. These sauces make pulling vegan meals together SO easy! I have listed the various uses for each sauce above each recipe. They are all simple and quick.…

  • Vegan Parmesan cheese in a jar

    2 Ingredient Vegan Parmesan Cheese (Zero waste, plant based)

    Vegan // Plant based // Gluten Free // Zero Waste  This is a staple in my house. It is so easy to make and so rewarding. Parmesan was my favourite cheese, and this satisfies my cravings, big call I know. It won’t melt like normal cheese but provides a similar texture and taste when sprinkled over pasta or pizza! It even crisps up on pizza in the oven. Use it in a vegan Caesar salad, pesto sauce or just eat it straight from the jar! I keep mine in the fridge for weeks at a time. This is made using nutritional yeast which is actually gluten free. Some nutritional yeast…

  • toothbrush, toothpaste in a jar and a tongue scraper
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    Zero waste DIY bi-carb toothpaste & my oral hygiene routine

    Alright, this sounds whack, you wanna brush your teeth with what now? Yep, bi-carb, lets take a look at the recipe and then we can chat about it. Zero Waste DIY Bi-Carb Toothpaste What you’ll need a cleaned out glass jar 6 TBS coconut oil (melted) 3 TBS baking soda Organic peppermint essential oil to your liking (I use about 50-60 drops) Instructions  Mix coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil together in your jar and voila! Store in your bathroom Note: You can halve or double this recipe. I double it and make a large batch so I don’t have to make it so frequently. More important note:…

  • Drawing of reusable water bottle
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    Reusable Water Bottles – Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Glass or Plastic?

    Alright, we all know single use plastic water bottles are the worst. Reusable water bottles are handy and make us look environmentally friendly, super kewl and fit (or maybe just the first one). But now that everyone has jumped on the reusable water bottle train, there are a million products out there! There is glass, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic (conventional, recycled and made from plants). But which one is the best?! Well, I can’t answer that, but I can provide you with some information on each material so you can make up your own mind!   Aluminium Stainless steel Glass Plastic Health Aluminium is reactive with acidic liquids so aluminium…