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Zero waste DIY bi-carb toothpaste & my oral hygiene routine

Alright, this sounds whack, you wanna brush your teeth with what now?

Yep, bi-carb, lets take a look at the recipe and then we can chat about it.

Zero Waste DIY Bi-Carb Toothpaste

What you’ll need

  • a cleaned out glass jar
  • 6 TBS coconut oil (melted)
  • 3 TBS baking soda
  • Organic peppermint essential oil to your liking (I use about 50-60 drops)


  • Mix coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil together in your jar and voila!
  • Store in your bathroom
  • Note: You can halve or double this recipe. I double it and make a large batch so I don’t have to make it so frequently.
  • More important note: this is just a base! You can add anything you like to it if you’re feeling it. Try calcium powder or charcoal powder.

Alright so now we can talk about!

Oral hygiene routine

  • I make two batches of this toothpaste and mix charcoal powder into one. I use the charcoal one each day at night. Charcoal powder is supposed to make your teeth whiter, I don’t know if it works to be honest but hey I’ll keep at it (comment below if you have or haven’t had success!).
  • I use a bamboo toothbrush. After it has had it I use it for cleaning. When it’s really had it, the bristles go to landfill and the brush is composted.
  • I use a steel tongue scraper that my friend sent me in the mail as a surprise (she knows me so well, thank you Allie). It’s amazing and I’m fairly addicted! I’ve also read it is good for detoxing, who knows it makes my mouth feel amazing.


  • Bi-carb toothpaste doesn’t taste the best, it’s kind of salty. I like to use a lot of peppermint oil to get that refreshing taste. A few months ago I had a bit too big of a night out and got a bit sick (if you get what I mean) and this toothpaste just wouldn’t do the job of making my mouth feel fresh again the next morning. I have in and used the leftovers of an old store bought toothpaste I had. So I guess, beware if you’re in that situation? 
  • Your teeth feel dentist clean after, if you’re a weirdo like me, you’ll love it.
  • This toothpaste also doesn’t foam up like regular toothpaste. This is hard to get used to at first but why does toothpaste foam up? That sh*t’s sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and it ain’t natural, you don’t need that in your life!


  • My friends boyfriend is a dentist and he said brushing with bi-carb is okay! Some studies say it is even beneficial, you can read about it here
  • Apparently it is the act of brushing your teeth that cleans them not what you brush with. People literally just use ‘tooth brushing sticks’ (not sticks they just picked up off the ground).
  • The coconut oil could also be beneficial. The benefits of oil pulling aren’t cement but hey lets just assume it’s good because it’s definitely not bad!
  • Lastly, we all know the microbiome of the gut is super important for our health but what about the microbiome of our mouth? Our mouth naturally has good bacteria regulating our health. Normal toothpaste wipes out all bacteria (even the good stuff) and contains potentially harmful ingredients that can enter your bloodstream in seconds through your cheeks. Why only protect your gut health and not your oral health?

So there you have it! What do you use as a zero waste toothpaste? Comment below!

Note I am not a dentist or anything remotely close, this is just what I do. Google peer-reviewed articles if you’re still unsure and see for yourself.

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