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    Three simple ways you can slow down in your everyday life

    This blog post is sponsored by The Purity Project. As always, anything I write for you is honest and my opinion is no way swayed by any of my partnerships. Slow living is a buzzword you will hear often. In my opinion, slow living refers to finding the time to stop, take a moment, be present and take notice of whatโ€™s happening around you. When you do this, magic things happen. In this blog post, Iโ€™m going to talk about three simple everyday rituals you can incorporate into your life to slow down and create space. Keep reading to find out what they are. These are just suggestions and shouldnโ€™t…

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    Sustainable, ethical and affordable underwear brands I wear and love!

    Where do you find sustainable, ethical and affordable underwear in Australia? Find a short list of the brands I actually wear and love below. Underwear is one of the only things I don’t buy second hand (for obvious reasons). I buy sustainable underwear to reduce the negative impact fabrics have on the environment and their workers and to ensure no chemical ridden fabric is going anywhere near my sensitive areas! The best way you can reduce your waste is to buy everything you can second hand. When we use second hand objects we stop them going to landfill and give it a new life. But unfortunately the same can not…

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    Find out how to reduce your waste this Christmas with this comprehensive guide!

    Christmas is a lovely time of year. We get holidays, get to spend time with friends and family and get to eat delicious food. But unfortunately a bunch of us also get stressed. From buying presents to decorating the house, cooking food and then cleaning it all up after, there is a lot going on. All of this takes up precious time we should be spending with our loved ones and in the mean time, produces huge amounts of waste. Let’s look at the waste produced in the UK from Christmas alone in 2006: More than a billion Christmas cards (17 for every man, woman and child) delivered. That’s enough…

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    Six Vegan Sauces You NEED in Your Life (GF, DF, Zero waste)

    People always ask me if it is hard to be vegan? I always reply that it is easy! But when I think about it, It wouldn’t be easy if I didn’t have these sauces in my life. I am not one to compromise health for flavour. I LOVE favoursome, creamy sauces and when they’re healthy, well what else could you ask for. Transitioning to a plant based life style for me was all about finding good swaps for foods that I used to love. These sauces make pulling vegan meals together SO easy! I have listed the various uses for each sauce above each recipe. They are all simple and quick.…

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    Ditch the bin bags! Use newspaper instead.

    Bin bags are kinda unnecessary when you think about it. I used to use my plastic bags from the supermarket but when you don’t use plastic bags anymore you don’t have anything to line your bin, and to be honest you really don’t need them. How to have a bag free bin: Go the naked route – no bin bag at all Use the newspapers they keep leaving at your front door! Personally I go with option 2. To take it out I just take the whole bin outside and empty it directly into the garbage gin (you would do this if you went with option one).  Don’t worry about…